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A micrograph of In Vitro Fertilization.

Meet Our Embryology Team

An experienced IVF lab and team is essential to any fertility treatment. TRIO is proud to have one of the largest and most experienced teams of embryologists and andrologists in Canada. Comprised of more than 15 staff, including a Lab Director and a Lab Manager, all our embryologists work on site at TRIO’s main clinic in downtown Toronto.

Lab Expertise That You Can Depend On

Several members of our team have been doing IVF from the very beginning when the procedure was first offered in Canada; and two members of our team performed the very first ICSI in Canada.

Why is the level of experience of the embryologists working in a lab an important factor?

Embryology technique is based on repetition. Most activities in the lab involve hands-on technique. This requires talent and practice. That’s why experience counts. “Think about airline pilots,” says Lab Director Jim Meriano. “The number of hours in flight makes a better, safer, more experienced pilot.”

In addition to TRIO’s experience, we have the skill, the technical capability and the highly sophisticated technology that gives us the ability to handle even the most complex cases.

Additionally, all members of our team are certified by The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society.

Training, expertise, experience and technology are what sets our lab apart.

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From Our Team

A photograph of Dr. Jim Meriano.
“Here in the lab, we feel like we're your first babysitters. Like all good babysitters, we’re here to make sure your eggs, sperm and embryos stay healthy, safe and secure.”
Jim Meriano
Director, Embryology Laboratory