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Egg, Embryos, and Sperm Freezing Storage

Often people wonder about the annual fee for eggs, embryos, and sperm storage (also known as cryopreservation). We know that safe and secure storage is essential for your peace of mind — and future fertility options. Our on-site lab, where your precious materials are stored, is one of the most sophisticated in the country.

When you use TRIO to store your eggs, embryos, and/or sperm, you receive the highest level of safety and security in a state-of-the-art facility.

New Payment Options for Embryo Storage

TRIO has partnered with Embryo Options, a web-based application that allows patients to securely pay their cryo-storage fees online. This application also provides information about a range of options when storage is no longer desired. 

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How it Works

Your frozen eggs, embryos and sperm continue to be safely stored at TRIO in our on-site lab, and monitored by our Lab Director Dr. Jim Meriano and his team of Embryologists.



All embryos, eggs, or sperm will continue to be securely stored at TRIO until you decide to use all your own specimens in an assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment cycle, or you submit signed copies of the center’s disposition forms. Submitting disposition forms may allow you to authorize the lab to discard your specimens or donate them for research or reproductive use.



When your next cryo-storage bill becomes due on the anniversary of your embryos’ freeze date, Embryo Options will send you an invoice for continuing to store your embryos, eggs or sperm at TRIO. The invoice will explain how you can login into a secure portal to pay for the continued storage of your embryos or eggs or gain access to TRIO’s disposition forms to opt out of cryo-storage.


Multiple Specimens

If you are cryopreserving multiple specimens such as embryos, eggs, and sperm, you will receive a separate invoice for each specimen type. To pay or opt out of storage, you will be required to login into a separate portal for each specimen type. If you would like to use your specimen, please contact your doctor’s office to set up an appointment. If you have questions about your stored specimens, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

Our storage tanks are filled with liquid nitrogen, which has an extremely low temperature. The tanks are not controlled by electricity, so there is no power to fail. The only electrical component on the tanks is the alarm, and these are equipped with backup battery power. Our team checks the tanks every day to ensure that they are at the optimal level to keep the gametes frozen.
At TRIO we have a sophisticated barcoding system, as well as a unique identification number for each patient. Barcode labels with these unique identification numbers are used on all dishes and tubes that come into contact with eggs, embryos and sperm — and everything is verified by scanning before freezing and thawing to ensure accuracy.
Yes! Our storage facilities adhere to the strictest standards: they are precisely temperature-controlled and monitored at all times — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our lab director and embryology team monitor the storage facilities throughout the day, and each storage tank is equipped with a sophisticated alarm designed to alert the team day or night to any shifts in temperature.
Theoretically, they can be stored indefinitely. The freezing process we use at TRIO keeps the cells safe for a long, long time.

As long as your eggs, embryos or sperm are stored at TRIO there will be storage fees.

From Our Team

A photograph of Dr. Jim Meriano.
“Here in the lab, we feel like we're your first babysitters. Like all good babysitters, we’re here to make sure your eggs, sperm and embryos stay healthy, safe and secure.”
Jim Meriano
Lab Director