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Do you have questions or comments? Are you ready to start treatment but you don’t know where to begin? Simply fill out the form below, or contact the clinic at 416-506-0804 to speak with a member of the TRIO team.

Get a Referral From Your Doctor

If you’ve been thinking about consulting a fertility specialist, now is a good time to book a consultation with one of our doctors.

Have your questions answered, discuss tests and create a personalized fertility plan. To get started, simply download our Physician Referral form and bring it to your family doctor. They can fax the completed form to 416-506-0600. We will then contact you within two weeks to book your appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions — New Patients

Yes, to see a doctor at TRIO, you need a referral from your family doctor, your ObGyn, or another doctor.
  • Spouse, partner (if applicable), or a support person
  • OHIP cards for all partners
  • Any relevant testing that has not been forwarded
  • Your appointment should last about an hour.
  • An extensive health history will be taken.
  • You will have a chance to ask the doctor questions and work out the next steps in your journey.

Yes, you can choose your doctor at TRIO; however, a referring physician will often specify which doctor they want you to see. Take a bit of time to review the doctors on our team, and if there is a specific doctor you want to see, please give that information to your referring physician.

Frequently Asked Questions — Current TRIO Patients

Our physicians are taking appointments with new and current patients on weekdays. Please check with your physician’s office to confirm their hours of operation and specific details. You can find the contact information for your doctor below. For general inquiries please contact the clinic or 416-506-0804.

If you have questions about your cycle, medication, or other aspects of your care during treatment, please contact your nurse. She is available to answer your questions during regular office hours.

To find your nurse, please look for your doctor's name and the first initial of your last name:

Dr. Cadesky, Dr. Laskin, Dr. Cantor, and Dr. Albar:

Dr. Casper, Dr. Greenberg, and Dr. Mahesan

Dr. Sierra, Dr. Phillips, and Dr. Abrol

Dr. Chang and Dr. Gunn

Dr. Mehta


If you have questions about your treatment cycle fees or require additional support throughout your fertility journey, please contact your Patient Care Coordinator. They are available to answer your questions during regular office hours.

To find your Patient Care Coordinator, please look for your doctor's name below:

Dr. Cadesky and Dr. Laskin:

Dr. Casper:

Dr. Sierra and Dr. Phillips:

Dr. Chang and Dr. Gunn:

Dr. Abrol and Dr. Greenberg:

Dr. Mahesan and Dr. Cantor:

Dr. Mehta and Dr. Albar: