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How to Boost Your Chances of Having a Successful Embryo Transfer

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Supporting Your Mind & Body Before Your Embryo Transfer

There are easy things you can do that will help your endometrial lining during this time to get it nice and sticky, and optimize your gestational environment so you’re in the best shape to receive and nurture embryos and boost your chances of a successful embryo transfer.

Eat for fertility:

  • Keep your diet full of healthy, whole foods that are antioxidant-rich, like berries!
  • Get your fat from healthy sources like avocadoes
  • Get your carbohydrates from low GI sources – think whole grains, berries, and vegetables
  • Avoid skipping meals, intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets
  • Need help? Your Conceive Health ND can assist you with creating a customized fertility diet plan that works for you

Consider Acupuncture:

Acupuncture helps to improve blood flow to the lining, reduces contractility of the uterus, and reduces the stress response.

Develop healthy habits:

  • Reduce your caffeine consumption
  • Increase your water and electrolyte consumption
  • Get enough quality sleep
  • Relax and reduce stress. This includes reducing physiological stress caused by overworking, undersleeping, and extreme diets that can affect hormones (IF and Keto)
  • Moderate exercise and movement promote circulation and are good for mental health

Maintain a healthy BMI:

A BMI that is too high or low has an impact on endometrial receptivity. If in doubt, your Conceive Health ND can help you determine healthy and realistic weight goals that will support your fertility.

Take the right supplements:

Taking the right supplements is important – too much, too little or the wrong nutraceutical can impact your success.

The Mind/Body Connection:

While you’re taking care of your body, it’s equally important to consider the Mind/Body/Spirit connection. This includes thinking about what would work best for you during this time:

  • For example, you may decide to view these two months as a ‘mini holiday’ to recoup your mental energy — an opportunity to take a break from all things fertility-related
  • Or you may consider joining one of TRIO’s support groups and connecting with others who have gone – or are going through — the same thing. Learn more about fertility support groups.
  • You could decide to focus on preparing and enjoying your favourite healthy foods, beginning a yoga practice, or a daily meditation – essentially whatever self-care activities you love to do that will help you to feel good about yourself

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